Gearing up for a Catrina mosaic class.  08/09/10 Dec 2020.

Adding mosaic relief and lightness to the neighborhood.

COVID Sessions 2020.  A year to remember.  A lot of extra creative time opened up and continuation of a wall mural for my home was first on the agenda.  

Coming up in November 2019 a mosaic table class.  Looking forward to seeing what the students create.  I am sure they will not disappoint.

 Parthenon in Nashville site of the SAMA International Mosaic conference.  Notice the scale depiction of a gold leaf Athena.  This was quite impressive.

19April19  Heading to SAMA next week for the International mosaic conference

Will be learning some new techniques and get to view world class mosaics.



 Great opening night 13Nov18 for one person show.  Please look at this exciting gallery in the link provided.

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